Thursday, May 17, 2012


I thought my absence was a temporary self-imposed hiatus because I was overwhelmed emotionally and needed time to deal with the after affects of the house break in, that was shortly followed by Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, New Years, and a son-in-law and two daughters’ birthdays and then the repairs that had to be made—three doors and two storm doors replaced.  Week days were filled with working 9 hours a day and weekends were filled with a lot of driving and entertaining.  There wasn’t a lot of decorating or quilting being done around here either and I’m ashamed to say that my houseplants suffered the neglect of a bad parent.

Every week that went by it became harder to think about what I would blog about.  Self-doubt started to creep into my mind and I worried that I just wasn’t creative enough or good enough  to write entertaining and informative posts that you would want to read.   I guess I had a bad case of writer’s block. 

The dust has settled finally.  The repairs have been made, the insurance company has settled the claim, family celebrations are mostly over for the year.  

These last couple of months, I’ve learned that trying to be superwoman is futile when there’s no other superheroes around to help out. I’m ready and able to let go of the dream of being Martha Stewart’s best buddy and confident but I will miss all those late night phone calls when she asks for MY advice.