Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is it procrastination or an "app".

I got the new IPhone 4 for a birthday gift and I downloaded an application (or "app" if you're a techie) that's going to help me with my "to do " list. I add things to it all the time, the trouble is I'm not checking them off.

I've been procrastinating a lot this summer on things like making a call to the plumber to install my new disposal and getting estimates for some needed work on gutters and the driveway. I've been putting off cutting the grass too but at lest everything's entered into my new to do "app".

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Am I a gardener who quilts or a quilter who gardens?

It's kind of like the proverbial question of which came first, chicken or egg...I think quilting and gardening are more alike than most of us would think. Yeah, there's more dirt involved in one than the other but cutting and digging are similar and we plant with a lot of thought to which colors look best where.
I have a friend who won't plant anything in her garden unless its flowers are white or purple. She moved from Southern California and said she had enough of "hot colors" there.

She's not alone with her two-color garden covenant. A lot of my gardening friends seem to favor limited colors. I even admire them sometimes. One friend has a lovely corner garden planted with yellow loosestrife, white feverfew and variegated hostas. It really appealed to me and I thought about copying it, but I realized that was because she let a few non-conforming volunteers in.

Garden centers have even gone "designer" have you noticed? My local garden center has a limited selection of annuals and perennials but they are all color-coordinated to make it easy for weekend warriers to plant attractive deck pots and whiskey barrels. I guess that's OK if you want your flowers to match your house's trim. It's not for me though.

I love quilting but I am a scrap quilter of a gardener. I never have too much color and nothing clashes as far as I'm concerned. I'm always trying to make sure every color is represented during the growing season. When the Shasta daisies have gone by, I have the white obedient plant coming into bloom, red-hot pokers follow butterfly weed liatris and blue pincushion flowers follow lavender and so on. I must have yellow and orange at all times and red, well red goes with everything, doesn't it?