Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Only in NH

While I was out for a training walk yesterday I saw a man walking a pig!  Doesn't this sound like the opening line to a pig joke?  I'm glad I had my phone with me so I could catch a picture. 

Isn't she cute and she was much better behaved than some dogs I've seen out walking with their owners. No pulling on the lead, barking or trying to chase cars.

I'm sewing  the backing together for the Hope's Garden today.  Would you bellieve I didn't buy enough fabric?  I was so confident of my calculations. I still don't know where I went amuck.  I'm about twelve inches short in the width.  I considered piecing some other fabrics together to make up the difference, but this is a raffle quilt so my standards are a little higher than if I was making it for myself.

While I was out rummaging around in the sale fabric and holding my breath that there'd be enough yardage that matched my backing fabric, I picked up some prepackaged batting but I'm not sure I'm going to use the low loft poly or look for something else.

For most of my small projects like runners or pillows, I've used Warm and Natural which works great for those things but the last quilt that I sent out, was done with warm and natural and it does not drape well.   W&N seems to add a lot of weight too. This is OK for smaller projects but Hope's Garden is a flimsy and already it's pretty hefty.  I also would like a bit more loft than you get with W&N. 

Tomorrow night is the garden club meeting.  We have a guest speaker lined up and we're hoping to get a good turn out and maybe recruit a few new members.  Garden clubs all over are having a difficult time recruiting members.  The Massachusetts Horticultural Society has put an urgent call out to all of the garden clubs in New England asking for volunteers to help run the New England Flower Show this month.  I don't ever recall them doing this in the past.

Next up is Houseplant Friday and my first ever long-arm quilting experience.  I'll be posting pictures of that over the weekend.  I hope I don't break the machine.

Gail :)


  1. I've known a few people who have had pigs as pets.
    I like mine with a bit on them to pet;)

    I like my quilts to be thick and warm, so I use a heavier loft or two pieces.


  2. I understand pigs made good pets and are quite intelligent.

    ...and I've NEVER EVER miscalculated fabric yardage.. never, not ever ever.. *LOL* of the reason I like pieced backings! Saves me from my math skills (or lack thereof)...

  3. I love the pig picture! You never know what you might see.


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