Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where’s The Fairy Gardener???

That seems a logical question to ask, in light of the fact that she has been absent from Blog World for a whole month!  

Believe me, it hasn’t been for lack of words or news—I love to talk--and there is plenty to write about and share with you now that spring has finally arrived here in the northeast.   It just so happens that about a month ago, I was asked if I was interested in working a temporary assignment for a new company that could turn into a permanent job—maybe!

It feels good to be a contributing member of society again, lol but it sure cuts into the available time for the other parts of one’s life, like family, friends, chores, grocery shopping, gardening and blogging!   My weekends have been super busy—holidays, birthdays, errands, car repair and everything else that can’t be done during the 9 hours of a person’s workday and commute.

This weekend is “WALK WEEKEND” and once it’s over, I’ll have more time to concentrate on gardening and my other love—sewing and quilting and blogging about both!

I’m excited, nervous and anxious all rolled into one.  Last night I had a conference call with my two Avon Walk teammates.  We are meeting up in Boston on Friday the day before the walk to sign in and pick up our pre-walk paperwork.

It feels wonderful to know that some of this money we raise will provide screening services, health care and cancer treatment to women who can’t afford health insurance but who’s earned income is too high to qualify for medicaid.  

Who are they?  They are your coffee shop waitresses, your part-time retail clerks, the part-time help you see in garden centers and dry cleaners, divorced mothers, single women and down-sized office workers who’s benefits have run out—like me and maybe some of you too.

Every four and a half minutes a diagnosis of breast cancer is made in the US so screening and early detection saves lives. 

Thanks to so many wonderful and generous people, I’ve raised 56% of my goal of $1,800 in donations but I still need to raise about $800 and so I’m again asking for your help.   

Just eighty blogging followers and friends who can find it in their hearts to donate $10 each and I’ll make my goal.

Please consider making a donation today.   Everyone who makes a donation will be entered into the drawing for my quilt, “Hope’s Garden”. 

To make a donation online, please visit my Avon Page or Click the “AVON” button in the top left corner.   And know that I’ll be walking for you, me, our loved ones and the next generation!  

BE  In it to end it!


Gail Smile


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