Monday, August 29, 2011

The Aftermath

Thank you for your comments and concern.  Thankfully Irene blew through here without causing too much havoc and headed for parts unknown, never to return.  There seemed to be a lot more hype about this storm than was necessary but I guess after Hurricane Katrina, no state government wants to come under fire again for its lack of preparation or response.

The lights flickering on and off lasted most of yesterday, then about 3 o’clock they did their final “flickering” and stayed out for good.  I wasn’t really concerned because  I had done such a good job of preparing.  I had candles, food, water, flashlights, cell phone, reading material, hand sewing projects and even a radio.

The only thing that I didn’t prepare for was being able to cook---I forgot to cover the gas grill and it got so wet from the torrential downpours that I couldn’t light it. :(

The power did come back on about 3:00 am this morning but so did everything else that had been left on, LOL.  It took me a good half hour to run around and shut off the lights and appliances and reset clocks on all of the appliances! 

I am grateful to have power again so quickly.  I know there are still many that don’t.  My sister is one of them. 

This morning I was expecting a lot of trees down on the way to work but there wasn’t any damage to see.  I have a feeling that all the bad storms and power outages we’ve had in the last couple of years since the ice storm of 2008 have thinned out the weak and sick trees. They’re usually the ones that topple first.  This is the worst destruction that I came across on my commute, and it’s my road.




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  1. Glad to see you made it through the storm ok.
    We lost power and finally got it back this afternoon.
    My garden looks sad, but nothing got destroyed and the plants are still blooming, so I hope the nice week ripens the tomatoes on the vine.



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