Saturday, February 4, 2012

E-Yard Sale Weekend !

The best thiYardSaleng about this yard sale is that you can go from yard sale to yard sale without leaving the house.

I’m linking up with Bonnie Hunter’s Yard Sale over at Quiltville, here.  This is my first “E” yard sale so I only have a few things ready to post—but you can bet future yard sales will have a lot more, lol.

If anything appeals to you, email me.  I’ll do my best to describe each item, but If you have questions do the same.   Also first come; first serve!   All of Bonnie’s rules apply here too.


Shipping is not included for any item.


Item #1 is this small quilt kit which was gifted to me from another quilter’s UFO collection and I never had the time to finish it.   The pattern, fabric, plastic templates and even thread are included. 

Most of the fan blocks (7 out of 8) are already done for you.  Fabrics are from the 1980’s—mauve, blue’s navys, seafoam green and muslin.  (see pictures).  Quilt will finish at "16” x 20 3/4”.  It would make a cute doll quilt and there’s even a pillow pattern included.   Even the quilting design is included in the pattern.  Finished block size is approximately 4 inches. 

Price is $7.00 plus shipping.

Blogger Yard Sale Saturday 003

Blogger Yard Sale Saturday 004









Item #2 is fabric and pattern to make a Microwave Potato Baker.  This was also gifted to me and I know I’ll never make it.  I was also gifted a finished bag so that’s probably why, LOL.

There is about 1/2 yard of “potatoes” fabric, and about the same of muslin plus the warm and natural for the batting.   Asking $5.00 for all

Blogger Yard Sale Saturday 005

Item #3  is Eleanor Burns “Egg Money Quilts”  This is a brand new book, never used and comes with all of the templates still attached in the back.  Asking $15.00 for the book, which is less than I paid for it on sale at Jo-Ann’s with a coupon.

Blogger Yard Sale Saturday 006

BTW – you can contact me by email—just go to the “ABOUT ME” page (on the right of this blog) and you’ll see a link to my email (on the left).


  1. I would like the potato baker kit and the UFO quilt kit. I did not see your email link, so presume this comment will work. My email is Thanks,

    1. Hi Cathy, find my email by clicking on the "About Me" link on the right of the page. I'll send you an email.

    2. Thanks, I'm off to Northern Virginia for a day; check back in tomorrow when I get home. Hope that's OK. My other computer with my email connect is already "asleep" and I'm out the door. Appreciate it. Kathy


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