Thursday, September 6, 2012

Don’t believe the rumors….

The Fairy Gardener is not dead or in hiding, though blog land probably thinks so by now.  No I’m really alive and well and living here in New Hampshire.  I just get distracted easily by long days and warm weather and going to the beach, napping on the porch, attending quilt shows, meeting friends after work and fun outings with daughters and grandson, on top of that throw in 4th of July and  a couple of birthdays. 

august_2012 010august_2012 033august_2012 015Unfortunately, like a garden, a blog needs to be tended to regularly or it ends up neglected and stops being a garden and it becomes harder to come back to it.  Then fear creeps into your mind that you won’t have anything worthwhile to write about and no one will want to read what you post  so why not just stay away and make excuses and that’s sort of where I was.    

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august_2012 084

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September seems like a good a time to return and give it another go.  Before the modern calendar, September was considered as the beginning of the year, in some cultures it still is.  Those of the Jewish faith celebrate Yom Kippur, a private day of atonement to put things right with God and the world so that real life can be renewed with a clean slate and purpose.   A new season, has begun and it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

So what have you been doing on your summer vacation?

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