Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back on the grid & not quite so ready for the holidays.

This post doesn’t have anything to do with gardening or quilting today but you know sometimes there are other things in my life that I like to talk about.

I am truly sympathetic to the people of NY and NJ who still have no power or services.  As of yesterday I heard there were still about 33,000 people without power.  If the cold and the loss of possessions doesn’t make you crazy, the boredom will.   We are no longer a society capable of entertaining ourselves without electronics!   

A friend’s nephew who’s house was the only one not flooded on his street  is now housing two other families who’s houses were.  The nephews children are staying with grandparents because neighbors’ children are sleeping in their rooms.  

Fast forward two weeks and NEXT Thursday is Thanksgiving?  I have a house full of people coming this year, versus the usual core group of 5.   The big attraction is….shhhh,, my youngest daughter bringing her “beau” home to meet the family. She has never done this before so I’m thinking this is serious and we better all be on our best behavior.

I’m having the living room painted especially in his honor—well, not really.  It’s been on my to do list for over a year now.  I collected lots of paint chips and paint samples but none of them actually made it onto the walls.

Paying someone else to do it, and being pressured  to choose the paint NOW so it can be finished by T-day is what I needed to motivate me.   I brought the final four six paint chip selections to work and asked my co-workers to vote.  The tie breaker was a co-worker who had selected the same color for her walls that I was favoring—that validation cinched it for me and off  I trotted to  HD. 

I did find a wonderful paint blog this week while I was agonizing over paint colors.  Maybe you’ve visited there too?  It’s called "Favorite Paint Colors"  Kristin is the blog owner and she posts a different paint color everyday with beautiful room photos.   I found one post she did about paints to use with natural wood very helpful.  My house, especially dining room, has a lot of dark wood wainscoting and I’ve had difficulty choosing colors because of that.

So what colors did I finally choose for my living room?  After narrowing down the choices from brown and tan and taupe, I chose “Castle Path” by Behr which is a medium greige/taupe.  The ceilings will be  75% “White Clay” from Behr also and the trim and woodwork, which I’m going to have to sand and prime this weekend because that’s the deal I made with the painter to save some moolah,  will be “Simply White” by Benjamin Moore.   I really like the two coordinating colors for Castle Path and plan to use them in other rooms.  I chose the “Simply White” because it’s not a bright blue-based white that I can also use in other rooms.


living room paint color 002

I have next week off—HOORAY!!   Today on the agenda is laundry, china washing, removing all removable items from the living room and going T-day shopping. 

I am planning to post more this week—hooray.  I’m working on some leader/ender blocks and two baby quilts for a friend’s new grandchildren. 



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  1. Your new room will be lovely. And just in time for the special company! So glad you have the attitude of "being on your best behavior" with the new boyfriend. I've recently seen a movie with Sarah Jessica Parker, where she's the girlfriend meeting the parents and family for the first time, and even though she's awful, they are also awful to her! It's a crazy family, but there is thought of behaving or treating her nicely. How horrible, right!?! But also funny! lol


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