Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Finish All People Quilt UFO Challenge

The project number chosen for March is #3 and I'm so relieved that it is not my other BOM project! I'm burnt out from complicated piecing and need a "breather" by way of a simple project to work on. 

My No. 3 this month is a Thanksgiving table runner that I started in 2011.   It was a project in the October/November 2011 issue of The Quilter magazine.   I was really drawn to the design because it used batik fabrics and I like the dimension that they added to the pumpkins and leaves.   They remind me of the Cinderella pumpkins and turban squash.

I was wondering if any of you subscribe to one or more quilt magazines each month?   I have to confess that while I don't subscribe to ANY magazines,  I will occasionally look through them when I'm in the magazine aisle,  but I rarely purchase one unless there's several unique projects that I really, really like. 

I have taken many classes and practiced but I am not skilled at FMQ, so MY machine quilting is done with a regular presser foot.  I then follow lines or designs that I've marked on the quilt top.

The piecing and applique are done, so I hope to get the machine embroidery and quilting completed as well as the self-binding.

For my February project I had chosen the Vintage Memories quilt and I now have all of the blocks finished.   I only had Block #8 and 9 left and now that those are complete, I will be able to piece the quilt top in between projects.  I'm really committed to finishing this quilt THIS YEAR!

 It's been a very hectic month and I don't see it letting up soon,  I'm just grateful that February came and went a lot easier than it did in 2015. My sister and I are trying to prep my dad's house for sale this spring and that means every weekend we are there purging, cleaning and making runs to Savers and the Salvation Army with drop offs.   I also started a full-time job this week so my project time is seriously diminished, which is another reason that I'm glad this month's UFO challenge project is an easy one.

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