Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finding the Christmas Spirit. Thank you Mr. Grinch.

I’m looking for my Christmas spirit. I know the particulars of when, where and how I lost it, but finding it again is not that easy. 

The  cure---total holiday decorating immersion!   I’m making Christmas wreaths today.  If you want to join me, I’ll post last Xmas' wreath making tutorial.

(Side note—there are some  good things about the internet—one being that even if your laptop is stolen, your blog posts and pictures are retrievable). 

Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last month and a half since I was “liberated” from my computer.   The first photo is a UFO that I finished and will gift to my garden club friend, Sue, who really loves the country primitive decorating style. (I have the original label I made for this quilt which was dated “1991”!)  For the past 20 years it’s been sitting in my “project box”.  This was made from one of the “Little Quilts” patterns.  You can see from my fabric choices back then that I was an avid “Thimbleberries” fan.  I still have a tree skirt with these same dark greens and reds which I used to call “prairie” colors because I did a lot of Prairie Schooler cross stitch projects back then also.

December 20112 008

December 20112 007







Remember the baby quilt I showed you a few months ago?  Well I can divulge the recipient now and show you pictures of the finished quilt.  This quilt was made for Kasey’s baby niece, Mia Louise.  (You’ll remember that Kasey is my daughter’s roommate)  Mia’s mother, Jess is the author of one of my favorite blogs, “Sweet Almondine”.November 2011 110 November 2011 113








Now back to lunch and wreath making.  Stay tuned—more to come. 


December 20112 014

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