Sunday, December 18, 2011

Losing my “Grinch”

As it gets closer to Christmas.  Yikes—there is less than a week to go--I’m feeling more “in the  decorating spirit” and less “ho-humm ”.  Friday night I ambled over  to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby after work looking for a few things to “festive up” the house.

I was inspired last week by a tiny set of lights I saw as I was walking around the General Stark Store in Derry.

December 20112 001I apologize for only taking a picture of their door and not getting any pictures of the inside of the store because those of you who love country decorating and furniture would just be in heaven. All of the furniture and most of the accessories are made HERE in the US to boot!. 

Though most of the merchandise tends to be a bit on the “prim” side which is not really my decorating style I always manage to find something that I love there and I’m definitely going back for the after Christmas sale.  They had the most gorgeous snowmen and rustic Santa's I’ve seen.

I’m probably a little behind on decorating trends because I’d never seen these lights before but I loved the way they looked and the soft glow they gave off.  I wanted something for my kitchen sideboard and thought they’d be just the ticket.  I wanted greenery too but I waited too long and the pickins were slim.  I did manage to find this winterberry garland that was just the right length and looked pretty good with my old green and red woven table runner. 

Can you see the little silicone flame tips on the mini bulbs?    They are a little on the pricey side when you think you can purchase mini bulbs at CVS for $1.99.  These  were $18 for a string of 36 but I caved when I saw them and if there’s any left after Xmas for 1/2 off, I’m getting another set.

white Xmas cactus and Xmas decorating 007

I went up to the attic during the week and dug out the window candles but the bulbs were missing so I picked up replacement bulbs but they were the wrong size kind because as soon as I turned on the candles, they “popped”!   This morning I found the original bulbs which I packed separately to prevent breakage, I guess.  

I also dug out my Martha Stewart pre-lit tree I ‘ve had since 2003.  I’ve always put that on the porch and on a timer so that it can be seen from the driveway. I love coming home and seeing the house lit up.   No tree inside this year—I did want to get one of those skinny pre-lit trees for the living room but it’s probably just as well since the door and carpet have to be replaced.

I wish I had my pictures from last year when the house was completely decorated…oh well.  Here are a few pictures of the decorations around here so far….Christmas & Hannukah 121711 029Christmas & Hannukah 121711 028







And, here’s a cuteness picture of Calvin.  Doesn’t that little face make you smile?

Christmas & Hannukah 121711 018

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  1. We aren't doing an inside tree this year either, but I do have one on the screened porch. Nothing beats driving up the road and seeing my white tree with white lights glowing on my porch! Love it! I think I need to take some picks of it, too, before I totally forget!

    And those lights you got with the little fancy tips are gorgeous! Totally worth the $18 a string. You can't buy those at any old store....they're extra special, and they are perfect with that garland.


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