Sunday, January 27, 2013


It’s cold outside today and has been this way for the last week.  From 7 below to double digits. 

Today is a good day to stay in and catch up on projects.  I decided to start the weekend off with a cup of coffee and working on the granny square UFO afghan I’m making for my sister.  It’s been awhile since I worked on it so I needed a brief refresher and pulled out the copy of “Crochet Today” magazine I bought when I started it.  The issue was labeled “Winter, 2008”!  Five years my sister has been waiting patiently for this afghan.  I think this is the year she will finally get it.  I’m giving myself a goal of two squares a day from now till her birthday in April.  Today I counted the blocks and I have 73, I think I need 125 to make it the size that I  was planning originally.

afghan pictures 005

Jo-Ann’s had a good coupon sale this week and I picked up these very cute felt hearts for V-day.  Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet but I’m  thinking they’d make a cute V-day garland.   Of course the hearts weren’t  originally why I went to Jo-Ann’s but, when I have coupons and there’s a sale, things tend to jump into my cart.  January 2013 winter 058

There were so many people at the cutting tables I gave up the idea of getting any fabric but while waiting in the checkout line I did find another item that I’ve wanted for a long time—a portable iron and the store manager announced that everyone in line at 3PM would get an additional 15% discount!

I finally finished the needle punch snowman pillow that I bought at the Mancuso Quilt Show last August and he now sits in my living room window.  I was afraid leaving him unfinished would mean a longer colder winter ;)January 2013 winter 054 

I had fun making him but I don’t think I’ll be doing anymore needlepunch in the near future.  I used a linen/rayon blend the for the back of my snowman and I didn’t antique him.  I didn’t make his top hat either because  I’m sure his little wool scarf will keep him warm enough!

This morning I made a “slipcover” for Ernie’s bed out of a stretch fleece remnant I picked up at Jo-Ann’s yesterday for 50% off. I got Ernie’s basket at GW a few years ago for $2.00.   I’m pretty sure it was originally a large serving tray but it came with the cushion and Ernie adopted it right away. The original cushion is heavy canvas and in good shape but the color is dull and I wanted a cover that could be removed and washed.

Don’t you love the fabric—Ernie is such a little wildcat!  I think he' likes it.   I’ve seen him using his new “comforter” but so far haven’t been able to get a picture of him IN it.

January 2013 winter 057








Stay warm everyone.  Don’t forget Downton Abbey tonight.   I’ll be back later this week with some hints about winter houseplants!


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