Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

Dear Blog Friends, I Hope all of you are enjoying today, at least the sun is shining.  This weekend was a big disappointment weather-wise.  Rain, rain and more rain till today.   Saturday night was so cold that the upper elevations received snow!   I woke up pretty chilled Sunday morning.   I swear when I peeked out from under my down comforter I saw my breath!

It’s been sometime since I last posted.   My sister and I have been trying to cope with the loss of our mother and now the care of my father who suffers from vascular dementia and work full-time jobs.   He is still on his own and has good days when he seems really rational and perfectly able to fend for himself and then other days when he is forgetful, combative and suspicious of those closest to him.  I can be painful to endure.  He is very difficult to deal with and we are trying not to force any major decisions about his housing status on him at this point. 

My daughter Carolyn is back in Boston for the summer.  She lucked out getting a summer internship at Harvard Business School Publishing.  I’m so tickled about this.  I had dreaded her having to go to the west coast or mid-west for a summer internship. 

Yesterday, we visited my mother’s grave and planted pink geraniums and two small flags.  Afterwards we went to a favorite place of my mother’s for lunch and drove by our  family’s old summer cottage.

Today I worked outside for the first time this year.  I really just have not felt very enthusiastic till now.  My hummingbird feeder is up along with the thistle sock for the goldfinches.  This year, I took the lazy way out with the planters and hangers and purchased them at Walmart on sale for $19.98 each.  This may sound expensive, but let me tell you, there’s no way I could fill three large containers for that and then there’s also the bonus of not having to wait for the plants to get big and look good because they already do.

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  1. I totally understand how hard it is to see our parents dealing with age. I am going through a similiar situation myself right now. Walking that line between daughter and caretaker is a tough road. I wish you all the best, and enjoy those lovely planters!


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