Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dear readers!  I know I’m more than a week late but the year is still very young.  In my way of thinking it’s a new year till March so we still have some time— an “open enrollment” period” of sorts-- to make “modifications” to our new year’s resolutions.

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, well I have been “lurking ” around the internet, visiting a few blogs, sometimes leaving a comment as time allowed.   As you know…laundry doesn’t do itself and it’s nice to have clean underwear and socks!

I’ve been visiting my dad most weekends since my mother passed away.  Like all dementia patients, he has good days and bad days.   It’s amazing to me that he has declined so much in such a short time period but the one bright spot is that our relationship, which was never as strong as the bond my mother and I shared,  has grown and we’re making up for lost time.

This year I entertained the largest group of family that I’ve ever had for Thanksgiving.  Then on impulse I decided to have my kitchen and dining room painted a week before.  It’s not something I recommend you do!

I made Christmas wreaths again this year  but to save time and my energy, I bought pre-made plain wreaths and added my own bows and trims.   They looked lovely but I still prefer the ones I make from my own native trees.

We celebrated Christmas at my sister and brother-in-law’s house as we have every year for the last decade..   january 2014 018My sister makes her home very festive and fun.   This year she greeted us as we arrived with champagne flutes on a silver tray that was a wedding gift she’d spent Christmas eve polishing.

Yes we do wear the silly paper hats that come in the Christmas crackers and then try to knock them off each other.   Last one to keep their hat on wins a prize!

Listening to how my sister spent her Xmas eve trying different methods to clean the tray and  how long it took,  I remembered the anti-tarnish cloth I bought on the internet.  It was pretty pricey at the time and I still had a lot left.  The fabric is a very thick flannel that has been treated to prevent the gasses in the air from reacting with silver to create tarnish.

Last weekend I found the anti-tarnish cloth  and  whipped up a simple fold-over bag for her tray so next Christmas eve she won’t have to stay up to polish it for us!

Its such easy fabric to work with that I’m thinking I might make a few smaller jewelry bags for V-day gifts and use the rest of the anti-tarnish fabric up.     One thing I will caution you to do though is to wash your hands thoroughly after you handle the cloth.   It does have a finish on it and routine caution should be taken.

Silver Bag

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  1. Aren't you the best sister in the whole, wide world? The tray "pouch" is just wonderful! Happy New Year, Gail. Prayers are being raised for your precious Dad... and for you, too!


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