Sunday, February 2, 2014

Time on my hands.

This past year has been very stressful for me. 

The company I started working for in 2011 experienced an exponential growth spurt in the last year which resulted in tripling the work force, and other changes, My role changed from  administrative to accounting with added responsibilities and increased work hours. 

Weekends were spent making the hour-long drive to my dad’s to look in on him and then playing catch up with my chores and prepping for the week to come.   There was no time left for the “fun things” in life that recharge our batteries.

My sleep patterns were way off.  I often woke up several times during the night thinking about the day to come and worrying about it.   I could feel adrenalin course through my veins as soon as I arrived at my office  and opened my email.  Everything was needed immediately and was critical.   I went from drinking decaf to turbo shots and skipped lunches.  I did not enjoy my work anymore and it showed.

Last Friday,  I was released from my job.   The new accounting manager has decided to assemble his own team  and my position will be filled by a former colleague from his last firm. 

The initial sting of being rejected is fading and I am starting to feel positive about this change.  I am making plans and optimistic that another, better opportunity will appear but for now I have time on my hands to recharge my body and spirit.  

Continuity is good.  It gives us roots but change, whether voluntary or involuntary, gives us branches to grow and reach new heights. 

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  1. Best wishes for a time of peace and renewal before your next opportunity appears.


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