Monday, January 17, 2011

Coming Soon - Houseplant Fridays!

I'm borrowing an idea that I've seen on other blogs about posting a weekly topic.  So begining this Friday, January 21st and continuing each Friday for the next six weeks, I'll be blogging about houseplants and their care. 

Hint: the first post is already written and scheduled to post.

Each week, I'll select one common or exotic houseplant and give you a brief overview of it.  I'll also give you tips and guidelines for its care and propagation.  I'm sort of the trivia geek in my family so I promise to include some fun, interesting facts about plants that you can use to impress your own family,  LOL  :)

Now here's where you come in!  I'd love to hear your suggestions. If you have a houseplant that you want to know more about, email me the name of it along with your question(s) on its care.  If you can't identify it, email me a picture and description.  Include your name, and you and your plant may be featured guests on one of my Houseplant Friday blogs!

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  1. I don't think my thumb is as green as yours. How's your RRCB coming along? I'm at the start of Clue 8. Want to get this done--I'm loving mine. Visit me anytime. Kaos and KoKo are purring at your comment. Sandi (aka kwiltnkats)


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