Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MIA & Birthday Celebrations

Well, my first “Houseplant Friday” post hasn’t shown up and since it’s still missing and I didn’t have a draft, I’m rewriting it to post manually this coming Friday.  I apologize if you were waiting for this post.  I honestly have no idea what could have happened! 

This weekend we celebrated both of my daughter’s birthdays by going to lunch at Mark Wahlberg’s restaurant, Alma Nove outside of Boston.  It was a special milestone birthday for my youngest who turned 30 and her sister who turned 35. We were joined by my mom, sister and brother-in-law as well as  Carolyn’s roommate, Kasey and of course Calvin came along with Laura.  Lunch was great,  the restaurant is located in a new waterfront development in Hingham and very close to where my parents live so that’s where we all met first.   The restaurant is elegant but casual and the prices are reasonable.  The outdoor patio has a burning fire pit, but with the temps in the teens, we all elected to eat inside. LOL.

You can see that I took the group picture before we ordered food and while the table was still nice and neat.  Over the years, most of our family pictures were taken “AFTERWARDS” and they always turn out looking like a hoard of barbarians just made a raid!

I had wood-grilled salmon and roasted vegetables, everyone else, except for Carolyn and my mom had Alma Nove’s signature lobster paninis.  Dessert—well, I should’ve taken a pictures.  They were as wonderful to look at as they were to eat.



I stopped off in Brookline to pick up Carolyn and Kasey first.   This animated neon Citgo sign is a famous Kenmore Sq. landmark and what I always head towards when I’m on Storrow Drive.  (This picture was taken at night on the way home)

The picture on the right is a picture of the Boston skyline looking towards Back Bay from Storrow Drive (excuse the dirty windshield)


This is a picture of the street lamps along Beacon Street in an area known as Audobon.  If you click it should enlarge and you’ll see that there’s  a different bird silhouette on each of the street lamps.

The  picture on the right is Coolidge Corner and Harvard Street in Brookline and very close to wear Carolyn lives. 









Here’s a picture of the mug rug I finished and emailed off to Madame Samm of “Sew I Quilt” for the her blog’s  mug rug contest,  “Got Snow"?” is the name of it.  The little 49 cent mug from Goodwill was my inspiration.

I could get hooked on making these mug rugs.  Every time  I see a coffee mug now, I think “mug rug”!   I probably could’ve made this one a little bigger but I thought the size was limited to 6” x 9”.  I’ve already bought another cute mug so I know I’ll be making more of these in 2011 and I can’t wait to start!  


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