Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Putting Xmas Away and Catching Up with 2011 !

I spent New Year’s quietly.  Watched a couple of movies, got take out and started “Simple Abundance” for the 7th year in a row. Took down the Martha tree from the porch, took the candles out of the windows and put the few decorations I displayed back in their attic home till next year.  

I do feel kind of sad that they don’t get to stay out longer—only a few short weeks to enjoy them and then it’s back in the attic for another 12 months. 

I’ve accumulated a lot of decorations that I cherish and look forward to displaying.  They remind me of the friends who gifted them to me and pleasant times shared.   These two handmade ornaments were given to me by my friend, Diane, who now lives in Tennessee.  We spent many snowy winter afternoons  sharing recipes and craft ideas over hazelnut coffee and oatmeal cookies in her cozy kitchen. 

DSCF3713DSCF3714            I made the cross-stitch Santa tea cozy in 1995 from a “Cross-Eyed Cricket” leaflet.  The same leaflet included a “Halloween Tea Cozy”.  Never got to that one but I still have the chart (tee hee) !  The little wreath in the picture frame was made from a kit (can’t remember the designer) and it usually sits on my kitchen sideboard. 

Another Christmas, I made a lot of primitive angel dolls as gifts for friends.  This one is mine.  There were several years when she reluctantly sat on top of the tree because we couldn’t find the star. DSCF3778 (2)                                      

DSCF3777 (2)




DSCF3774 (2)

The quilted Christmas cactus wall hanging above was made by my British pen pal, Denise in 1990.  It’s one of my favorite holiday decorations. Denise is a master of machine applique and quilting.

Roll on RRCB!

DSCF3780 (2)

DSCF3781 (2)

I’m finally finished with “Clue #6” of the “Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll” mystery quilt!  It feels SOOO good to be only one week behind instead of two but there were a few late OCD nights sacrificed to get there!  I’m glad that I started this quilt, it’s expanded my quilting skills but honestly if I don’t see another hst for the rest of the year, it would be OK with me.    Now onto Clue #7!


  1. Hi

    I did the same poinsettia wall hanging. Love it too.

  2. Those HTS's just about did me in. Mine quilt is only going to be a lap size. I'm excited to see the border instructions.
    Your ornaments are special.


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