Thursday, December 30, 2010

Number 9 on the list.

imagesCABOO1X3I found my journal.  I hid it last March when I had company for a few days and I offered them my bedroom because the bed is more comfortable than the guestroom mattress. 

Hiding the journal that I usually keep in my bedside table was an unnecessary act of insecurity, on my part.  When the guests left, I forgot about the journal for a while and then later, couldn’t remember where I’d hidden it. 

I’ve been keeping a journal since 2001 (keeping it was a resolution I made that year) but I’m not a very consistent writer.  I often skip days, weeks even months between entries.  At the end of each year, I do like to list the books I read during the prior twelve months along with my resolutions for the coming year.

Finding my journal now was serendipitous  because the last entry that I wrote was dated January 1, 2010 and contained the nine resolutions I made for this year with the sincere belief I would keep every one of them.  But the only one I did keep was creating this blog.

Making new year’s resolutions reminds me of elementary school.  After report cards came out, the nun who was our teacher  used to change our seat assignments and give us time to empty our desks and clean out the old papers, broken crayons and dull pencils.  We’d even bring our books home and make new covers from brown grocery bags.  It always felt like another chance to get straight “A’s”.  That’s what making resolutions is like for me.  Time to rethink what didn’t work last year and another chance to get “IT” right.

By the way, Number 9 on my list of resolutions last year was to journal more.  If only I hadn’t hidden it, I might have kept that resolution as well.imagesCA0HJE5O

Happy New Year,

Gail Smile

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  1. Hi Gail! Thanks for the comments! I've tried to email reply you but you don't have your email address, and everything went to :cÞ So I"m dropping by here to say THANKS!

    Happy 2011!


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