Monday, December 13, 2010

Another rainy day

I've been battling a cold since sitting for Calvin last Monday. Today is the first day I've felt like leaving the house. It's really warm today too. The thermometer outside my kitchen window registered 50 degrees! I had to look twice and rub my glasses on my shirt before checking the second time. It's still damp and rainy though which if you don't have to go anywhere is a good excuse to do a little "catch-up" sewing.

As of this moment I'm all caught up on Quiltville's RRCB Mystery Clue #4! I just hope Clue #5 doesn't involve more string piecing! Have you guessed what the block pattern is yet? Several times I thought I had but as the grinch would say, I've taxed my puzzler trying to figure it out. I guess we'll just have to wait till Bonnie does the big reveal. LOL.

I'm also working on the Martinique BOM's. Block #3 is a challenging one. It's a variation of a feathered star and I keep sewing triangles on backwards which means I have to rip them out and resew them which I do--wrong again. I'm definitely challenged when it comes to directional sewing.

I'm so behind on this BOM project that it's embarrassing. Everyone that was in the group has already picked up their finishing kits! I'm going to put the "pedal to the metal" and commit to finishing at least one block a week with an ETC (estimated time of completion) by January 30th.
I'm thinking of a new year's resolution that goes something like this--"I will not collect or create UFO's in 2011"

I got some "squishies" in the mail today. My cousin, Sheila who lives in Seattle sent me the cutest gifts. I just loved her card and wrapping so, of course I had to photograph them before opening them. The 3-D gift tag on the card is removeable to use on another gift. Cute, huh?

Look what she sent me--a microwave potato bag and a clothespin bag---how cute are these? I can't wait to try the potato bag. I chuckled when I saw the fabric. The clothespin bag was made from a child's GAP shirt. Is that not the cutest? Even though I don't have an outdoor clothesline, I'm going to use the bag for my fabric softener sheets and lingerie bags.

Have you been watching Christmas movies? I have every night this past week. Tonight I'm watching "The Polar Express" one of my all-time favorites. When my daughters were young, I'd buy a new Christmas book and /or movie every year and we'd read a story or watch a different movie every night from the first of the December till Christmas Eve which always culminated with "It's a Wonderful Life".


  1. Looks like you scored some lovely goodies in the mail...what fun! I try to buy a new Christmas book each year too. (of course, this year i bought 3 :)
    i love Christmas far, we have watched the Santa Claus, Polar Express, the Santa Claus 3, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, Santa Claus is coming to town, some Scooby Doo and Strawberry Shortcake Christmas stuff, and The Grinch. I love to save "Its a wonderful Life" for last, as its my favorite too :) But some of my other favorites we havent watched yet, Elf, Christmas Vacation, Trading Places, Holiday Inn, and White Christmas :) Some not so Christmassy movies that take place during Christmas that i like...the Die Hard movies, and the Long Kiss Goodnight :) Enjoy~

  2. Christmas movies and books do add to the festivity. I just watched Holiday Inn for the very first time tonight and I'll watch "Elf" this weekend. I've never seen the Jim Carey version of "The Grinch" but I love the older animated version with Boris Karloff narating.


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