Monday, December 27, 2010

Rolling with a Nor’easter on the 2nd day of Christmas.

It started snowing here yesterday around 4:30PM. Of course I was out on the road right when it started coming down the heaviest because I’d convinced myself that I needed a few extra bundles of firewood and some fire starter—just in case.


I went out earlier to pick up some groceries and get gas for the car and  fill up the gas can so I could use the snow blower if my driveway guy didn’t show up but this time he beat me to it.  I still need to go out and shovel the walkways and deck but I’m waiting till tomorrow  to do that. 

The wind is howling as I write this.   It’s been a good day to stay inside and catch up on the RRCB mystery quilt.  I made some soup  this afternoon and I’m working on the 600 hts’s.  At this point in time,  I’m  two weeks behind  after being on track for the first four weeks.

  DSCF3753 (2)

I opted to spend Christmas Eve home this year.  Just didn’t feel like driving 2 hours and sleeping on the sofa bed at Laura’s house (even though it is a very comfortable sofa bed) .  It was Calvin’s first Christmas eve and Todd’s birthday but since I was seeing both of them the next day and Todd was having dinner out with his parents I didn’t think they’d hold it against me. 


Calvin and Aunt Carolyn

My sister asked me to make the raspberry trifle, I’ve been making  for the last couple of years.  It’s delicious and easy to assemble except for sieving a package of frozen raspberries to remove the seeds (what fun that is). 


Stay warm!

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