Sunday, March 23, 2014


My new laptop came with Windows 8.1 and it has been a bit of a technology culture shock. Even though I own a “smart phone”,  it just seems crazy to have a touch screen on a computer.  I feel like I have walked into an unfamiliar room.   I was extremely happy with Windows 7 but I guess Microsoft has to make more money and in order to do that the tech buyers have to be kept interested.

One thing about 8.1 is that it does not come with Windows Live Writer.  It has to be downloaded separately.  I panicked a little when I did not see it  in the preloaded “apps” (programs are no longer called programs?) but after some web searching, I did find it and was able to download it as a separate “app”.  

I now feel just a teeny bit more comfortable with this new set up. 

Change is good, it stretches our limits and challenges our resources, but sometimes you just need to find a familiar space.



Gail :)

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