Sunday, March 23, 2014

Positive Thinking

It's been two weeks now since the disappearance of MA flight # 370.   Two hundred and thirty nine souls were on board but there are five times as many anguished parents, relatives and friends on the ground waiting and hoping for news.

I have been praying each day since the flight went missing for a miracle--that some group will come forward claiming responsibility for hi-jacking Flight 370 and are now demanding ransom for the safe return of the passengers and crew.

As time goes on that scenario seems less and less likely but it is still possible.  I believe in miracles. We see them everyday and often don't even realize it.

I know the power of positive thinking--in my own life I have seen it work--just imagine what our combined powers are if we all send out positive thoughts into the universe that this flight is found and that there are survivors and even if the outcome is not what we hope, finding this missing plane and knowing it's fate will bring some solace and closure to those left behind. 

Life is miraculous!

Gail :)

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  1. We're holding out for a miracle, too.

    I'm catching up on blog reading.....and I'm just hoping all goes well with your job hunt, and all your efforts with your dad.


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