Monday, March 24, 2014

Keeping Busy

Since being out of work, I have been using my free time to go through this house and do some sorting and de-cluttering.   I need to make room  in case my dad should be moving in.   I took two lots of clothing to a consignment shop after going through each bedroom closet and I put a cardboard box in the garage for donation items that I find while I’m doing household chores.  Having the donation box in the garage and out of sight prevents me from having second thoughts after I’ve made the decision to let something go, but if I really have separation anxiety after a day or two or if I can re-home items with someone I know,  I can still retrieve them.   My decisions are based on the “the one-year rule” .   If I didn’t wear it or use in in the last twelve months and have no known use for it in the next twelve months, then it needs to go.   Sometimes I make exceptions to this rule for gifts I’ve received from family members and close friends.   

Next, I decided to confront my basement sewing room and the UFO’s and stash fabric that lurks there in the dark where no one is  the wiser but me. (insert scary music here).   I eliminated five boxes of scraps which were really just fabric “crumbs” and   I merged two boxes of strings into one mixed box of neutrals and colors  and kept only strings that were at least 1” wide by 6” long.   From now on I only plan to keep fabric scraps that have at least three square inches of usable area.   Don’t worry, even with these new restrictions I still have plenty of scraps left!

After that I listed all of my UFO’s and made a calendar item for my iPhone and laptop so I get a daily reminder about the next project on the list till it’s completed.  So far I’ve completed nine of my UFO Projects in the last month and a half.  The only problem is that I have twenty-five more to go! 


Baby Quilt for My Neice

Baby Quilt for my neice’s baby shower—now it’s a 1st birthday quilt!

(my first attempt at a scalloped border too)


Flannel Self-binding receiving blanketsDSC02617for friend’s new grandson.


New micro-fleece kitty cushions for Ernie.



Patchabilities Kit (Monthly Mini #7, Set 3) purchased in 2010

DSC02628 (2) 


More pics to come—the other projects were on the previous laptop.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately—how about you ?   



  1. Wow! You totally got organized! Awesome!

  2. WOW! great finishes.
    It feels good to simplify. I don't like keeping scraps. I usually take them to share with my bee. It makes my sewing room feel messy. Weird, I know.


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