Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Art in Bloom

Every year MOFA, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, hosts an exhibit called “Art in Bloom”.  Various groups, garden clubs and floral designers create floral arrangements based on a piece of art that is on display in the museum.

My sister and I made a last minute decision to go yesterday and literally met up on the same speeding subway car. I took the commuter rail to Boston, texting my sister when I got to the subway, so she was able to leave her office within minutes of my train departing the station and meet up with me several stops later.

We were both excited to go to this event because it coincides with another exhibit at MOFA called “Quilts and Color” showcasing quilts from the Pilgrim and Roy Collection.  This turned out to be so much more than we expected.  We’ve all seen  antique and vintage quilts on display but seeing them at MOFA elevated the quilts from beautiful examples of needlework to fine art!  They looked as much at home hanging on the museums walls as the museum’s other art collection.  


Some of these quilts looked like they were illuminated from within.  My sister compared it to looking through a stained glass window. This is not all of the quilts from the exhibit. I started off taking pictures with my iPhone but it switched to video mode and I couldn’t get it switched back. 

We ran out of time before we could see all of the flower arrangements but what we did see was wonderful.  These are not your average florist bouquets.  These  really did match the artwork they represented.  From the quality and scale of the flowers that I saw, I’m sure the arrangements put a considerable dent in some budgets. 

So even though the “Blooms” part of the exhibit ended yesterday you can still see the quilts which will be on display through July 27th.  I hope my pictures will entice you to want to see the rest!  Here is the link to the museum’s website, if you’d like to learn more. 

Gail :)

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  1. I would love to get up to Boston and see some of the quilt exhibits. It is about 2 hours from me so a nice day trip. I did that last week, realized I was not only on video but I was in selfie mode, lol. Good thing I didn't hit the send button;)



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