Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I hope you all had a nice Easter.   I did.  This year, we also celebrated my little sister's 53rd birthday which fell during the week.   

It was great to have my dad with us. As I've mentioned before he usually makes excuses about holidays but this year he was eager to go when I picked him up and he really enjoyed himself.  My dad was very complimentary of my sister's wonderful cooking as we all were.  Of course, we overdid the dessert table but that's always been the case in our family.
God forbid we should run out!

My sister makes wonderful popovers for every holiday!  She always sets a beautiful table and "the ducklings" were a big hit as they marched around the center.  My brother-in-law colors eggs for each of us every year so that we can do the the traditional Polish "egg" cracking war-- the last egg left without a crack is the winner and brings luck to the owner.  After dinner, Calvin had fun hunting for eggs around their yard.  At almost four, he didn't need very much help finding them this year.

I've posted the instructions for the ducklings, if you'd like to get a start on next Easter, lol.   They would also be cute added to a spring wreath or for baby shower favors.  I know of several baby showers coming up this summer. 

I also created a "prim" version too.  My prim version was actually a happy mistake that I filled it with catnip and is now in Ernie's "toy box". 

Well, that's it for today.  I'm off to start some seeds and paint some flower pots!   Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Having kids for Easter is so much fun, still have time before we can do easter egg hunts. Love the little ducky, that would be fun to make.



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