Friday, November 19, 2010


My outside projects are done, the leaves are raked up, reflective markers have been pounded into the ground so the snowplow guy won't tear the new driveway up, and I've even managed to plant a few daffodil bulbs around the lamp post. Hooray!

I'm really pleased with what's been accomplished since August. The old UG fuel tank is gone, the ugly pipes that stuck up out of it are gone, the broken brick steps are gone, the sink hole in the middle of the driveway is gone, the stone walls have been replaced and repaired, the ruts in the lawn have been filled and reseeded, a new asphalt driveway has been installed and I'm sighing with relief that the "to do" list is shorter.

What's next? Well, this week the town handyman extroardinaire, is replacing some windows that were a tad more energy efficient than a gaping hole and one dysfunctional sliding glass door along with a few broken and missing pieces of trim both inside and outside. After that he's going to replace the gutters which are now hanging onto the roof for dear life.

The John Deere guy will be here tomorrow changing over my lawn tractor, removing the mower deck and installing the snowblower and chains. It's been unusually warm for November and that's helped with getting everything finished, but winter is coming and now I think I'm ready.

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