Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Post - Have You Seen This Quilt?

This beautiful antique quilt was stolen from John Saul's booth at International Quilt Festival about two weeks ago.

Please keep an eye out for this quilt if you happen to be shopping for vintage quilts or antiques or if you attend any auctions. It could turn up anywhere in the US (hopefully undamaged). Please share this post with other bloggers and lets get the word out into the quilting community. If you are a quilt appraiser or are connected with a quilt museum, share this info with them and with your guild members.

If you do spot this quilt please do not confront the person in possession of it--be safe and let the authorities handle this matter-- just send an email to with the location where you saw it and any other information that could aid in its recovery and return.

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