Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Little Spot of Blue Can Make You Feel A Lot Better!

I wanted to share this picture, taken by my sister, from her kitchen window in southeastern Massachusetts yesterday morning.   She lives about 50 miles from me but at a lower elevation (I’m about 800 ft. above sea level).  

Up until this year, I didn’t know that the Eastern Bluebird was a year-round resident in New England.

If you’re wondering what’s in the feeder, it’s freeze-dried mealy worms.  In summer, my sister and brother-in-law treat them to live mealy worms.

Seeing a large group of these birds is a thrill for bird watchers who grew up in the 1960’s when Rachel Carson’s book, “The Silent Spring” was published.  She sounded the alarm about DDT use (an agricultural pesticide) which was responsible for the near extinction of many bird species including the Eastern Bluebird.  

I didn’t see an Eastern Bluebird till I was 34.  I’m glad they’re getting to be a common sight again.



  1. This makes me smile. We've not had any birds visiting of late - which is odd for us. I miss my little feathered friends!

  2. Those are beautiful birds, have never seen them here. We do have one blue jay, though I haven't seen him lately. We have a couple of cardinals and lots of smaller birds, not great with bird names.


  3. The birds are beautiful....the worms are disgusting! Having a really hard time just looking at the birds! lol


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