Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Putting Xmas Away

I’m a little behind…I’m just taking the Christmas “stuff” down  and I realized that I’ve never shared pictures of my “quilty” Xmas decorations so I thought it would be fun to show you a few things that I look forward to displaying.  These go back a few years and might remind you of some of your own early projects.

Remember this quilt designer?  This is a Debbie Mumm pattern that I finished in 1991.  I was a big fan of Debbie Mumm back then and made a few of her designs.  I still love her early “penstitch” applique patterns.


Xmas and New Years 2011 006Xmas and New Years 2011 008






This next quilt was a gift from my pen pal, Denise in 1998.  Denise lives in England and is an avid seamstress and quilter.  We met through an ad in the back of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine in 1987 and corresponded via snail mail for over a decade (email wasn’t around then). 

Denise came for a visit in 1989 and we went to Lancaster, PA for the Quilters Heritage Celebration.   Sadly we’ve since lost touch but she was a generous friend and I have a few lovely gifts from her.  I usually hang this quilt on my porch entryway where it welcomes visitors and gives some holiday color to the porch.  I love the batik fabrics Denise used in this quilt. 

Xmas and New Years 2011 010Xmas and New Years 2011 012






Remember these “folded stars” in embroidery hoops?    Can’t remember exactly what year I made this, but I do remember making several including one for my sister in those ‘80’s dusty blues and dusty roses.

Xmas and New Years 2011 022

I still  love the red and green fabrics in this folded star.  They’re all from VIP and Concord.  The quality of the fabric was really good back then cost a whopping $2.99/ yd!  Wish we had those prices again. 

Lastly,  I have this little angel made back in the early ‘90’s from a “Finder’s Keeper’s” pattern.  I think I made three or 4 of these little angels for quilting friends out of tea-dyed muslin.  Back then, folk art dolls were really popular and you could find lots of doll-making supplies like the curly synthetic hair in craft stores.  

Xmas and New Years 2011 023

Xmas decorations_2011 025







Well that’s it for my nostalgic trip down Candy Cane Lane.   Hope it brings back memories of some of your early Christmas sewing projects and I hope you still display them.   Mine bring back memories of people and times past and isn’t that what Christmas is about.

Sew glad that this is a short work week!   We’re in the deep-freeze too—Woke up this morning and the thermometer said 9 degrees!

Catch you later…


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  1. I think you should try and look up Denise.....who knows, she might just have a blog, too! Wouldn't that be fun to find her again? A new year, with new possibilities!


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