Sunday, January 8, 2012

Season Two

Yesterday, I got my first garden catalogue of 2012.  The dust hasn’t really settled from new year’s yet,  but I get excited when the first couple of garden catalogues arrive. jan_2012_mis 028 I know these companies all have websites but I prefer  sitting down with a cup of tea on a wintery afternoon and looking at the pictures, reading the descriptions and getting inspired.


I’ve been taking it easy this weekend, just doing what I absolutely have to but feeling a lot better.  Today, I’m catching up on  laundry and doing a little light sewing on the UFO’s that didn’t get finished in time for Thanksgiving & Christmas 2011! Can we just pretend I’m getting a big head start on Holidays 2012, lol?

I had to make more pinwheels for the stocking I was making Calvin.  Each pinwheel is about 5” finished.  I thought 15” x 15” would be enough for the front of the stocking but I need one more row to fit my pattern.  I’m still undecided whether to quilt it or not.  Only the front of the stocking will be made from the pinwheels.  The reverse will be the brown fabric and the lining will be the multi-colored dots.jan_2012_mis 027

What are your Sunday afternoon plans?  I’m going to make some soup this afternoon and have an early dinner so I can watch the first Season II episode of “Downton Abbey” which airs tonight on most Public Television Stations at 9PM EST.  

I love English period dramas and “Downton Abbey” fills the bill.  It’s the story of an early 20th century aristocratic family, The Crawleys,  and the maids, butlers and footmen who serve them in their Edwardian Country Manor.   Let me just say that the costumes,  characters and plot in this series are everything an Anglophile could ask for.

If you didn’t watch Season 1 you can catch up and watch them online or read the synopsis HERE

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