Saturday, August 7, 2010

Garden Song

I really have to hop to it this week. I'm babysitting for Calvin on Monday. It's his Mommy and Daddy's first day back to work after their parental leave and I still have a few things to do for the Garden Club's booth at Old Home Days like making a poster, signs, labels and picking up a donation from Freshwater Farms. I also have to finish up the "Garden Song" quilt for our raffle and I'm a little stymied on what to do with the last border. I'd like to make it a little longer. I found a whole bunch of hst's( half square triangles) that I can't remember making along with some pinwheels which just might solve my border problem and add a little pizzaz. I'd like to finish it off at about 50 inches, just in case the winner doesn't want to use it as a wall hanging they can use it as a porch throw.

Tonight when I was lighting the grill I startled a sleepy little grey tree frog which wasn't quite ready to wake up so I picked him up and placed him in the pot of herbs where he settled down for a nap until dinner time.

If you've never seen grey tree frogs they are quite amazing little amphibians. About two inches in length, their mottled skin blends in so well with lichen-covered tree bark that you would never spot one unless it moved or jumped, and they can jump quite high with their oversized suction cup toes. I'm always amazed where I find them resting. I once found one in a hanging flower pot that I couldn't water without using a step stool!
Though there are several species of tree frogs living in the woods around my home, my favorite is the grey tree frog. At night they "chirp" instead of "croak", sounding more like a songbird than a frog. For a long time I was puzzled by this nocturnal chirping until I learned the source of the unusual serenade.

So tonight, if your able to where you live, open your bedroom windows before you go to bed and listen to the night music playing in your own garden. I can tell you that it's not the work of fairies playing tiny musical instruments, but it is magical all the same.

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