Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Is Errand Day & FQ Day Too!

I'm just heading out to get the oil in my car changed. I can't believe that I drove down to my daughter's house last weekend (near the RI border) and forgot to put the oil fill cap back on after checking and adding oil. My daughter noticed that the front of the car has slathered with oil, so I opened up the hood and there was the cap sitting precariously on the edge of the battery! How it managed to hold on and not fall out of the engine compartment onto the road is beyond me. I drive at a pretty good clip on the highways and Rte 495 is pretty rough in spots from ongoing construction. I'm lucky there was enough left in the engine to get me there and back, of course I checked and added a half quart when I got home but it's definitely time for an oil change.

I'm also planning a stop at Pine Tree Quilt Shop. Today is the first Thursday of the month and their FQ's are usually on sale for $1.50. I may swing by the Sewing Diva's too and see what new goodies she's gotten in recently.

Tonight is our Garden Club meeting. I have to make up an agenda but the majority of the meeting will be devoted to finalizing plans for OHD on the 14th. I really need to step up my production and finish the raffle quilt that I'm making. It's a panel print by Nancy Halvorsen, entitled "Garden Song". I spotted it early last spring at the Sewing Diva's and thought it would make a great garden club raffle quilt. I need to add something to the bottom to make it longer. I do have some pinwheel blocks that I made up which I could add. What do you think?

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