Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More LQF Photos and then I gotta get outside!

Okay, so I probably should have put all of these quilts together on flicker or something but I promise this will be the last post of my photos from the Images Show (well there might be one or two more sometime in the future).

Gerald Roy, collector, appraiser and dealer had a collection of 19th century antique quilts on display. I took a couple of photos of his Blazing Star Quilts because this is a quilt pattern that has been at or near the very top of my quilting wish list since I began quilting in the 80's. These lone stars always stop me in my tracks when I see them. These two were exceptional examples. Just look at the color intensity of the quilt on the left!

And so I don't ever forget...I want to share with you the "Lost Heroes Art Quilt".
This quilt is very large and was displayed at the entrance to the Lowell Memorial Auditorium where "Images 2010" was held. It was created by artist, Julie Feingold to commemorate the sons and daughters of America's 50 states who while serving in the military have lost their lives since 9/11.

Fifty black and white childhood photos represent each soldier's future potential that is now lost to all of us. The sashings around each block are stenciled with their hopes, ambitions and what they loved most as well as their rank and branch of service.

And now, I have got to get OUTSIDE! Have a great day wherever you live!

OH and don't forget THE WORLD QUILT SHOW - New England, August 19th through the 22nd in Manchester, NH.

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  1. Hi, Gail. so envious of you seeing those Roy antique quilts. yummy. thanks for visiting my blog!


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