Thursday, February 24, 2011

Giveaway Update & Hope’s Garden Status Report

First off I want to say “thank you” for all of your  comments about what you’re looking forward to when spring comes.  I’ve read each and every one of them and my consensus is that we all just want to GET OUT THERE! Sun

I’m entering all of your wonderful comments on an Excel spreadsheet in the order that you commented and assigning a number to each person who comments.  On Monday evening, I’ll use the random number generator and pick a winner.  Then I’ll check to see if the winner answered the bonus question and if they did, they’ll receive an additional  surprise fabric from Studio E.  Smile

So hint, hint, make sure you answer the bonus question!

Hope’s Garden Raffle Quilt Status.

Wanted to share a progress report with you. 

Some of you may already know that I’m going to raffle off my Bonnie Hunter RRCB mystery quilt to raise funds for the  Avon 2-day walk in May which I’m doing with two of my daughter’s college friends.

After two days I now have the inner borders on the quilt.  I ended up taking off the side borders and re-sewing them because they went wavy on me. (I now  think it was more me hallucinating they were wavy than the borders actually being wavy).  

You other perfectionists out there know how this is, don’t you?DSC00473

I also didn’t plan on buying fabric for the inner borders because I have a ton of dark greens left over from my Baltimore Album days in the ‘90’s, but none of them auditioned well with this quilt so I caved and bought  a tonal green that’s in between fern and cooked spinach (I love spinach)

As I sat on the floor pinning the borders It occurred to me that  “Hope’s Garden’ is the perfect name for this quilt.  So many of the small prints are representative of all the things that cancer patients hope for—a future filled with family holidays; watching children and grandchildren grow up; spending time and travelling with  loved ones; looking forward to the seasons and enjoying the beauty of nature. 

I like this quilt more now that I’ve decided to give it away.

I have a time slot at Bits and Pieces on March 4th to quilt it on one of their long arms.  I’ve already had a consultation and been told that it will take up to six hours to learn the machine and finish the quilting—basically a whole day.

I’m a little nervous because this is my first experience using a long-arm machine and  I know I’ll have a dream or two about it before next Friday comes. lol. 

Tomorrow is House Plant Friday and I have a fun project and some plant trivia for you!  

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  1. Beautiful a new follower this is my first peek...great job.

    House plant Friday? Oh no...this makes my brown thumb thump in pain...funny thing. I can grow things outside but house plants simply do not survive. I have tried, but always to no avail which is unfortunate becuase I want a few in my are causing it to be difficult to type. My large thumping thumb keeps hitting the space bar prematurely .


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