Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Snow & Some Exciting News!

There haven’t been many times in my life when I’ve wished  that I lived someplace else other than in New England but this winter is one of those times.

Mother Nature has decided that we don’t have enough snow even though there’s already several feet of the white stuff on the ground and no one knows what to do with more of it. 

My sister sent this picture last week.  I laughed when I saw it, but I’m getting a little concerned because  my driveway is beginning to look like this. securedownload

My snow blower is still out of commission till Mike the JD guy comes back to install the new switch and the snowplow guy just doesn’t have anyplace to put more snow. 

After  my visit to Boston this weekend, it looks like they’re wondering the same thing—where to put MORE snow?

And now I’ve come to the reason WHY I was in Boston again this weekend.  I drove to Carolyn’s apartment in the morning and we met Laura, Calvin and Kelley (Laura’s college roommate) for brunch at Zaftig’s Deli in Brookline.



There’s always a line at Zaftig’s on Saturday and when you see my Challah bread french toast you’ll understand why! 









Kelley drove up on Thursday from New Jersey to meet us for a very special reason.  After breakfast we split up. Carolyn and I took the streetcar and Laura, Kelley and Calvin took “Ringo” Laura’s VW to Copley Square.  Our destination was the Park Plaza Hotel.  Carolyn and I got a little lost  along the way and we had to make a detour through the lobby of the beautiful Copley Plaza Hotel.  I didn’t  get pictures but believe me it’s top drawer all the way.  The Copley even has their own dog that guests can walk during their stay.  DSCF3904

We did manage to meet up at our destination, the Park Plaza Hotel.   Look at this floral arrangement in the lobby?  It’s made up of amaryllis, lilies, lady’s mantle and real cherry blossoms.  It was over 5 ft tall.  Don’t you love how the glass bowl is lined with split leaf philodendron leaves?


What was going on at the Park Plaza on Saturday and why were we there?  It was the registration party for the Avon two-day walk for breast cancer and  I signed up as a walker.  Kelley had already registered online, but came along to cheer me on and offer support.  She and Dawn, who wasn’t able to come Saturday, have been doing this walk for several years now in different cities.


This year, they’re doing the Boston walk with me and I’m so excited.  I’ve already started my training program (it’s 39 miles in two days) and will be keeping you posted on my progress along with my fund-raising efforts.  Stay posted for walk pictures.


Each Avon two-day walker is committed to raising $1,800.  If  you’d like to help me reach my goal, you can email me for information.   I will also have a web page of my own on the Avon Walk website but that hasn’t been set up yet.   I’m also thinking that I’d like to have a special give-away drawing here for followers who donate to the Avon Walk—details to come later!

It’s easy to donate to this great cause—you can make a one-time donation or pledge over several months and every donation no matter what the amount, will go towards making breast cancer a thing of the past.  I’m all for that, how about you?


  1. Could you send me some of that french toast? Oh wait...between your snow and mine it would be froze by the time it got here!

    The cleared out road looks kinda hazardous. Stay warm.

  2. ok, we've never been to Zoftig's but I'm thinking it's gonna be on our next trip down! Yummy!

    Are you setting up a Paypal acct for the donations? That way, we can use a credit card very easily....please please!

  3. Good luck on your training, such a good effort for a great cause. I love that floral arrangement, gives me hope for Spring. Where was that photo of the cars in the snow "tunnel" taken? ND? It made me laugh; but you aren't that far from being there too, you're right about that!


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