Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day for the Giveaway & What I did during the Oscars.

Today is the last day for the fabric giveaway--hope you signed up.  Wait till you see the surprise fabric.  I'm excited about picking a winner tonight and making someone's spring a little "springier"!

What did you do this weekend?
In this neck of the woods, we had two days of snow.  The upside of bad weather is that it's an opportunity to put off errands and other chores and an excuse to stay home to read, watch TV, sew or cook without feeling the least bit guilty. 

I spent most of my weekend getting the pieced borders on my RRCB mystery quilt which I've renamed "Hope's Garden" because I'm raffling it off as a fundraiser for my Avon 2-Day Walk for breast cancer in May.  
I stayed in my pj's yesterday, made a big pot of homemade veggie soup, heated up some left over garlic bread and spent the day, sewing at the dining room table with an occasional break for tea and crumpets (I love crumpets).  I finished up while I watched the Oscars.  

Who were you rooting for last night?  I was rooting for "The Fighter".  I'll admit to a little local bias here because it was filmed in nearby Lowell, Massachusetts and made by Mark Wahlberg, who grew up in Boston.  Lowell has been hit pretty hard during this recession. In case you didn't read my post from last summer, Lowell is the home of the New England Quilt Museum and the American Textile History Museum and a national park!

I was also rooting for Jeremy Renner for his role in "The Town" another film made in Boston and John Hawkes for his role in "Winters Bone". 

I am glad that Christian Bale won best supporting actor for "The Fighter".  It will bring some much needed recognition to the City of Lowell.  It doesn't hurt that he has a cute Australian accent and that he's easy to look at too. 

Happy Monday!
Gail :)


  1. Gail...your RRCB is fabulous! Well done!

    Haven't seen any new movies in a long time, so I don't know any of those mentioned or up for awards. I haven't watched any tv lately (I just pop in dvds ALL the time), so I didn't even know the Oscars was on! Talk about hybernating! Sheesh!

    I do love Mark Wahlberg.....and he should ALWAYS have his shirt off in movies! I'm just sayin! lol

  2. Your RRCB looks fantastic. I haven't gotten to the borders yet, it may have to wait until spring break.

  3. Your RRCB is awesome. Will there be a way for us to purchase raffle tickets for Hope's Garden?

    I love pj days and vegetable soup:) Here in Atlanta we had Springlike weather. It was fabulous. Perfect weather for walking my dog:)

  4. What a beautiful quilt! The lucky winner is sure to love it!
    Hardly ever watch TV, so wasn't rooting for anyone.
    Your soup looks mighty tasty tho! We had a pot of beans, fried taters & cornbread this weekend. Yum!

  5. Your quilt is beautiful and love the border you did on it.
    I was busy working on things, so wasn't paying attention to what we were watching, so I let my husband pick out his guy programs;)



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