Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pillow Power

My friend, Linda is expecting another grandchild this month—a little girl (her second granddaughter) and I wanted to make a gift for the new baby and use up some of the leftover fabric from the baby quilt I made for Calvin last spring.  I know that doesn’t sound all that generous making a gift because I want to use up fabric scraps but it’s not really as one way as bad as it sounds.  I was planning on making  a special gift for Linda’s baby granddaughter anyway.  
I went a little crazy with baby fabrics when Calvin was on the way. [I claim first-time grandmother amnesty!]  Of course most of them are blues and tans to match his nursery’s wall paint. Calvin_June 2010 002 Not exactly very “girly” but I have a lot of leftover baby greens too and I can mix them up with some purple and lavender scraps from my “scrap diving” stash.
I thought about making a crib quilt but Linda said that her daughter-in-law got a lot of “blankets” at her shower.   I’m sure that some of them were crocheted afghans but why is it that people from the mid-Atlantic states call quilts, “blankets”?   I remember my mother-in-law calling quilts “blankets” too.
Anyway, I decided that I would make a pillow and try out my new embroidery machine.   I downloaded the free design from Bunnycup Embroidery, Their designs are whimsical and sew, sew cute and if you sign up to be a “Bunnycup Club” member you’ll get lots of special offers and discounts.  This design is called, “Little Cheri” and I just love it.   
Here’s another picture of the completed design.  Don’t you love the purple hat?  I was going to add the baby’s name but her parents haven’t picked one yet.  They have a couple of names picked out but are waiting to see the baby before they make the final choice.
I decided to string piece around the bit of embroidery.  Some of these scraps are the last of my 70’s and 80’s fabrics and some are new.   I like the mix of old and new, bright and subtle colors. 
Instead of a square, this pillow will be rectangular with a flange edge and made as a removable sham with a pocket on the back for a little toy when the baby is older.   I prefer shams for kids so that they can be removed and washed and of course,  you know me by now-- I prewashed all of my fabrics—sew NO shrinkage!
I’ve made these pillows before—here’s a Santa Christmas pocket pillow sham made from a panel print and strip piecing.  I made this one for another friend’s granddaughter who is a little timid of Santa Claus.  Her mom and dad can sneak a letter & little trinket from “santa” in the pocket while she’s sleeping to lessen her anxiety of the big guy in red.
Here’s a close up of the embellishment details.  I added some buttons, machine embroidery, quilting and a bell to dress up “Santa”
I hope to post a tutorial for anyone that’s interested in making their own “pocket pillow”as soon as “Little Cheri” is finished. 

UPDATE:  My little Cheri pocket pillow is finished--hooray.  Here's some updated photos.  I'm working on the tutorial now and will post it soon.

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  1. I love the string piecing around the embroidery! It's so cute! Can't wait for the tutorial on the back pocket...what a great idea!


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