Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Deere Jane


Jane and I have known each other  for thirty-one years now. DSC00083

She’s worked very hard since the first day  she arrived here in 1980.  I remember how bright and shiny her paint was when the proud dealer  unloaded her from his flatbed truck.  I loved that she was almost an exact miniature of the big farm tractors I had seen in photographs of wheat fields in the Midwest. 

During  the thirty years that I’ve had Jane, She has hauled logs, rocks, brush, leaves, and garden supplies. In nice weather she mowed the lawn and gave the girls and their friends rides around our property. She rototilled my garden in spring carried the leaves to the compost pile in fall and cleared the snow from the driveway in winter. 

Even now, though she’s getting on in years, she still serves me well and in turn, I try to make sure that she receives the best possible maintenance.  She may not be shiny and new anymore but neither am I!

Happy Birthday, Deere Jane.

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