Monday, February 21, 2011

My Avon 2-Day Walk Update & FREE Raffle

I’m on my third week of training for the Avon 2-day walkDSC00037 and last week I logged almost 7 miles total!  Woo hoo! Go Me! 

I think I could’ve done more walking too but I didn’t walk last Wednesday or Thursday (babysat) and Friday was a short walk.  I’ll share that story with you on a future house plant Friday--hint.

This is how my road looked at the beginning of last week.

And this is what I had to wear in order to stay upright for my training walk.




Thankfully this week has been sunny and much warmer so there’s been a lot of melting but it looks like we’re headed back into snow country tomorrow—I so need spring [sigh]

I’ve updated my personal page on the Avon 2-Day Walk website and posted the link here.  You can read about my reasons for doing this walk, see a few pictures and make a donation by clicking on the pink “donate” button.  

I plan to update the page every couple of weeks, so  check back often and see how my fund-raising is going and what I’m up to, LOL. 

I know this is a tough economy to be asking for donations so I’m very grateful for every dollar that I collect.  To date I’ve raised $150 but I still have 85 days and $1600 before I can make my goal of $1800.

So…I’ve decided to put some “fun” in my fundraising efforts and raffle off my “Roll, Roll Cotton Boll” quilt which has been re-named “Hope’s Garden”.  Stay tuned for pics—very soon.  The quilt is now assembled and headed for quilting.

This is a free raffle for everyone who makes a donation to the Avon 2-Day walk for breast cancer through MY Avon page which you can find here.  Did you know that donations are tax deductible and that you can make your donation in installments?   That’s how I made mine last year when I supported another walker. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my first give-away—it’s a doozey (did I spell that right?).

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